Trailblazing the Future of Finance

Our Story

We’re a team of technologists and engineers — problem-solvers at heart. We founded Fasset because we saw a way to make finance fairer and more sustainable.

Better for the communities we care about, and for the world.

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People in frontier markets are often excluded from the financial ecosystem. We wanted to enable free, easy access to digital assets, providing people in these countries with the opportunity to build a better future.

At the same time, the current finance system supporting infrastructure in these markets is inefficient, inaccessible and can’t meet demand. We saw the need for a secure, frictionless, affordable gateway to raise capital from a broader pool of investors.

“So we built the Fasset platform to do just that.”

In the short term, that’s free, easy, frictionless digital asset trading that anyone can access.

In the long term, we’re creating opportunities for investors to access assets that can help them build stable portfolios and see healthy returns - the seeds of real change.

Finance, the way it should be

Democratizing Finance

Investing has the power to transform people’s lives. We’re committed to making digital assets accessible right now to people in frontier markets who might otherwise get left out.

Finance The Way It Should Be

We’re leading the way in these markets, breaking new ground in regulation and best practice.

Our ‘final users’ — the kind of people we think could benefit the most from the alternative finance we’re building — are farmers and working-class people across the globe who might struggle to gain access to tools like loans and savings accounts. Too often these people are left out of the investment ecosystem and can only watch as their savings lose value over time. Fasset’s commitment to ethical finance enables them to invest in sustainable projects that are largely protected from the effects of inflation.

A path that’s fairer, more sustainable, and available to all. The way finance should be.

Real-Asset Trading for Real World Impact.

Sustainable Infrastructure

Our long-term vision puts people back at the heart of infrastructure finance, empowering them to invest in real-world assets that impact them, their families, and their communities.

About Real Estate

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, the Fasset platform fractionalizes infrastructure assets so investors can add these resilient and lower-risk assets to their portfolios.

Bridging the physical and digital world, asset tokenization opens the path for a new kind of investing. Turning shared resources like parks, power, even bridges, into shared investment opportunities.

Combined with an ethical investment approach, the Fasset platform democratizes asset opportunities and enables investment in sustainable infrastructure. 

We invite you to join us on the journey...for you, your future, and the world.

Our Team

We’re a diverse group of people who share an excitement about transforming the financial landscape.

Our team of technologists, engineers are working to make the Fasset platform as robust, inclusive and easy-to-access as possible.

Our Partners

Change on the scale we envision can’t happen without good partnerships. We’re partnering with a range of organisations, from regulatory authorities to law firms.

Our partners benefit from access to global opportunities, and cross-promotion in this evolving, newsworthy space.